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California & Nevada - 2004


Fisherman's Wharf

The Alcatraz Ferry

The Island of Alcatraz

Lombard Street

These pictures just don't convey how steep this street is!

The Golden Gate Bridge Bike Trip

This was an eight mile bike ride from Fishersman's pier to the town of Sauaslto on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge with a ferry back to the pier.

Santa Cruz

Roaring Camp Railroad and Tourist Trap


Mom spotted a glider place, Soar Truckee, on the way out of Lake Tahoe. Nata & Mom went with the pilot in one plane. Logan went with the pilot in the other plane. Logan's plane is the blue & yellow one. (Dad, sensibly, stayed on the ground!)

Lassen Mineral Lodge

The only motel / lodge close to Lassen Volcanic, at least on the south side, is the Lassen Mineral Lodge. Dad & the kids were bummed out there was no pool. However, right up the street from our cabin was a Laundromat which was urgently needed at this point in the trip.

The lodge also had a restaurant that advertised "Maryland Style Crab Cakes". Now being from Maryland and having spent many a summer living off of seafood, primarily blue crab, I was a fairly skeptical. In addition, the description said it came in a weird sauce, strawberry if I recall correctly. While the Lassen Mineral Lodge isn't going to put G&M's, Timbuki, or the Olive Grove out of business it was still pretty good. Get them to leave of the sauce if you order the crab cakes!.

Finally, the people were incredible nice and friendly at the lodge. They had a nice selection of games to borrow for the kids and We survived just fine without a pool.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Rafting on the Trinity River

Eureka California

We stayed at the Humboldt Bay Inn for the Redwood National Park leg of the trip. This place was great!!!. We were lucky enough to get the family / business suite with a separate room for Mom & Dad, three TVs, and a fridge. The best part was the pool. This temperatures were just right. The pool was around 87-88 DGF and the hot tub 101-102 DGF the nights we were there. In addition, since it was outside their were heaters in the pool area you could turn on to stay warm. The pool also had a basketball hoop which the kids enjoyed and a TV for Mom to watch the Olympics while sitting in the hot tub.

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